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Choc-pecan Turtle – a tasty reptilian treat

Choc-pecan turtle – ~$2.50 from The Fudge Shop

Now I’m no biologist, but I’ve seen a few turtles in my time. And none of them looked much like my most recent snacquisition, the choc-pecan turtle. To see if I was missing something, I turned to the internets, and discovered that ‘turtle candies get their name from their whimsical turtle shape’. It seems that once in the distant past, the snack we speak of did resemble our reptilian friend, but the people these days seem to have forgotten. For a more lifelike example, check out my good friend The Certified Pastry Aficionado (who’s certification I’m yet to see, but her recipes are good).

The turtle, as it exists today, is a combination of pecans, caramel, and chocolate. Ideally the caramel should be soft enough to bite through, but hard enough to hold everything together, so softer than a Fantale, but chewier than a Caramello Koala. The Fudge Shop, in the Harbourside mall at Darling Harbour sell three varieties of turtles, a no choc-all caramel, a white chocolate, and the classic chocolate, which is the subject of my judgement today.

Before eating my turtle, I was excited. Someone had combined my favourite nut with my favourite sweet, then covered it in chocolate. The stage was set for great new heights, or snack disappointment. On first bite, the chocolate cracked, the caramel squished, and the pecans crumbled, the perfect outcome. This is one of the best examples of caramel I’ve ever eaten, the perfect level of chewiness. Chocolate was nothing to write home about, but didn’t let the snack down. A good amount of pecans balanced the snack, cutting through the sweetness. A solid effort, but they need to work on the whimsy.  Four stars.

Originality – Good

Execution – Good, but needs more turtle

Value – Excellent

Overall judgement: 4