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BBQ Pork Pie – good things come in triangular packages

BBQ Pork Pie – $1.00 from Ho’s Dim Sim Kitchen, 429A Pitt St Sydney 2000


Author’s note – It’s about time I publicly responded to some of the scathing criticism I’ve been receiving of late. By far my two most common complaints from readers are 1. ‘Why do you have a featured snack in the sidebar that you haven’t reviewed yet? Are you an idiot?’, and b. ‘I Like triaNgles’. To those readers, I apologise, and I present a review that I hope stills both concerns.

Ho’s Kitchen sells three BBQ pork based snacks: the Steamed BBQ Pork Bun, and the BBQ Pork Bun with sugary coating, and the BBQ Pork Pie. The three are filled with a common porcine goodness, but offer a variety of housings to suit every snack eater. For those interested in re-creating the classic filling at home, may I suggest you visit Use Real Butter. But for those who just want cutting edge snack knowledge, read on!

The story of Ho’s Kitchen dates back to the heady days of the mid 1970s, as Chinese immigration was beginning to boom. Every morning at 429 Pitt St, a small group of ladies engaged in the worlds oldest profession would down tools and head to the empty flat downstairs for some dim sum. Passers by, amazed by the new and exciting snacks the ladies were eating, would stand by the window and peer in at the eastern delights on show. One enterprising lady began offering snacks to the workers and backapckers along Pitt St, thus beginning the rise and rise of the pork bun in Sydney. Over time, the shopfront snacks became an even bigger money spinner than the Wild Orchid upstairs, and so Ho’s Kitchen was born.*

The beauty of the BBQ Pork Pie is in the balance. The triangular treat, sprinkled with sesame seeds, is both gooey and crusty at the same time, providing a feeling of both comfort and strength. The warm diced char siu, tossed in a variety of Chinese sauces, is  wrapped in a cloak of short pastry so flaky that pieces will literally stick to your face, providing further nourishment upon meeting a friend or mirror. It really is the snack that keeps on giving. Four and a half stars.


Originality – Good

Execution – Excellent

Value – Excellent

Overall judgement: 4 1/2

*I may have used some creative licence in my history, but I think the About Us page on Ho’s website speaks for itself.