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The Perfect Roll – not my idea of perfection

The Perfect Roll – $2.70 from Barby, 2 locations in Haymarket

Banana. Chocolate. Bread roll. Grated cheese. I knew I was going out on a limb with this one, but it had to be done.


My hyperbole radar was flashing wildly as I wandered into Barby, and found what they claim to be The Perfect Roll. To add to my alarm, I noticed that this was one of those snacks I have coined a ‘fence sitter’, one that can’t decide if it wants to be sweet or savoury, so attempts both at the same time. I often find that these snacks tend either towards excellence or oblivion, as there’s little margin for error when two worlds collide.

Despite the unorthodox choice of ingredients, the snack had promise. Sweet and savoury are fast becoming friendly bedfellows, as demonstrated by the rise of salted caramel. The Perfect Roll however, suffers from a lack of execution, rendering it far from perfect.

The chocolate, coating the banana, appears to be a form of compound cooking chocolate, a big no-no in my books. This does allow it to remain solid at room temperature, but at the expense of taste and texture. On the other hand, the grated cheese used seems to be real block cheese. This seems a positive step, until you realise that grated cheese when left out in the air quickly hardens and becomes oily. The resultant roll is edible, but I wouldn’t go much further than that. Not my idea of perfection. 2 stars.


Originality – Excellent

Execution – Poor

Value – Fair (if you’re into that sort of thing)

Overall judgement: 2