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Nicky Sausage – A Venn diagram of meats

Nicky Sausage – $2.80 from Fuji-Pan, Goulburn St Sydney (next to Fujiya Restaurant, 605 George St)


While it is true that the Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder classic did describe Ebony and Ivory as living together in perfect harmony, they could just as easily have been referring to ‘Pork Floss and Girls’ Names’ (which rumour has it was the original working title of the song, but was later changed due to rhyming issues). There’s something about the sweet simplicity and lingering satisfaction of pork floss that lends itself to female nomenclature, and our friends at Fuji-pan obviously agree.

The Nicky Sausage is a creative little treat, consisting of chunks of hot dog, wrapped in a bun, and coated in pork floss. It doesn’t have the same facial appeal of the Tuna Dog, or brooding mystery of the Bacon Potato Goro Goro, but does have a certain simplicity and rotational symmetry that is pleasing to the eye. The three lobes of the snack come together as a sort of meaty Venn diagram, encouraging the eater to consider the bread, sausage, and pork floss as both singular ingredients and an intimidating snack triumverate.

The pork floss and sausage of unknown origin combo is brave, and most snack purveyors avoid mixing meats, but I think Fuji-pan are on to a good thing here. The rubbery hotdog chunks give real body to what might otherwise be a slightly insubstantial affair. After eating a Nicky I feel sated, giving me time to relax and contemplate my busy life, rather than greedily peering into windows in search of my next floss fix. A good, solid snack for any time of day. Three and a half stars.


Originality – Good

Execution – Good

Value – Good

Overall judgement: 3 1/2