Bacon Potato Goro-Goro – Is that the sound of thunder?

Bacon Potato Goro-Goro – $2.90 from Fuji-Pan, Goulburn St Sydney (next to Fujiya Restaurant, 605 George St)


As I sat at my desk yesterday afternoon, I heard a strange sound. Was that a distant roll of thunder? The skies were grey, but the noise seemed closer to home. Once more, the rumble, but this time accompanied by a small pang of hunger. My stomach! Snack Time!

I headed to Fuji-Pan, fast becoming my favourite obscure snack purveyor. A number of new items caught my attention, but I was strangely drawn to the Bacon Potato Goro-Goro. It was like a tiny dormant volcano, ready to spew forth it’s bacony contents at any moment. Needless to say, I had found my snack.

Intrigued by the origin of the name, I consulted a number of sources, and discovered that goro goro in Japanese often refers to the noise of thunder. Reading on, it seems the literal meaning is similar to ‘roll’, as in a roll of thunder, so I’ve decided to translate our snack as the Bacon Potato Thunder Roll.

The roll itself was also intriguing. Cubes of diced bacon peeked at me from beneath a mossy crust of oregano. On first bite, I discovered the potato, small cooked and herbed chunks hiding in the bottom of the bready exterior. The flavours were appealing, but I got the feeling something was wrong. Towards the end of the roll I discovered the culprit. The bacon cubes filling the roll appeared to be the travesty of meat known as ‘bacon style pieces’, which bear as much resemblance to a pig as seafood extender does to a fish. Not a deal breaker, but to be honest I was a little disappointed, after all, it’s not Bacon-style Potato Goro Goro is it?


Originality – Excellent

Execution – Average, good potential but let down by fake bacon

Value – Fair

Overall judgement: 3


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